PRP : Platelet Rich Plasma (For Hair)

Platelet Rich Plasma for hair

Hair Trasnplant

Use internationally acclaimed and accepted hair regeneration treatment for your weak hair .scientifically proven method to use your natural healing capacity. It is a 3 step therapy. The platelet growth factor which received after being centrifuged will use to revive hair. This treatment focuses on regeneration of hair roots by stimulating hair roots resulting into healthier hair quality and hair growth reducing hair thinning, hair loss and improved hair texture. Because of the available bioactive substances of growth factors in this treatment, a tentative once a month session for 6 months provides best visible results. 


It is a day care process for resolving baldness. One follicle has bunch of hair i.e.up to 3-4 strands in number. It is minimally invasive procedure in  which follicle is extracted from the donor area and is implanted on the scalp.

It gives 100% natural result. Implanting follicle is a skillfull process  considering its depth angle and direction. It is a complete solution for healthy hair confident look. 


Mesotherapy is a best solution for early stage of hair fall. Say goodbye to hair fall and turn back the hair clock. This is a treatment of injecting atural  plant extracts or rich nutrient into the scalp which helps in reduced hair fall and healthier shelf life. 

Hair mesotherapy nourishes & moisturizes the scalp with the help of scalp nourishments. This treatment can be done at once a month. This process accelerates blood circulation in the scalp & refreshes the hair follicles by making them thick, bulky, strong and stimulate blood circulation.


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