About Us

Cozmaa Clinic

Cozmaa an aesthetic hair transplant and skin clinic is a Mumbai based aesthetic health care center dedicated to hair transplant, laser technology and cosmetology.

It has been build, established and is a result of deep research, experience and knowledge under the vision of Dr. Prajct Sao who specializes in skin treatment, hair treatment, laser, cosmetology with special focus on hair transplant, PRP therapy and various anti-aging treatments holding a proven track record from past 11+ successful years.


To restore lost confidence in one's appearance and attain a more presentable, healthier, and self-assured lifestyle.


To bring about a transformation in countless lives and craft numerous success stories by delivering top-tier skincare, haircare, and beauty solutions on a national and international scale.

Our Advantages

  • Obtain Excellence from the Finest.
  • We provide a comprehensive range of modern, affordable hair and skin treatments with state-of-the-art facilities to help you choose a tailored regimen that best suits your needs.
  • Receive expert guidance and proven treatment for hair and skin care.
  • Reclaim lost hair through the latest permanent hair transplant procedures.
  • Our faculty and staff are professionally trained to ensure you have a memorable experience at our center.
  • Rediscover the Natural You.
  • Everything you need under one roof at Natural You.
  • Dr. Sao and his highly trained team bring the best practices and treatments to aesthetics, dermatology, and hair care.
  • Whatever your skin and hair concerns may be.

Our Core Values