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Hair Transplant - Cozmaa
Hair Transplant  - Cozmaa
Hair Transplant  - Cozmaa
Hair Transplant  - Cozmaa

Hair transplant is a choice of many people today. Today, one finds many hair transplant clinics in Mumbai claiming that they are the best hair transplant clinic, the best hair transplant doctor or offer the best hair transplant results. In this case, how does one really choose the best hair transplant procedure? The answer is simple: ask for proof of results. A reputed clinic will be happy to show you the before-after picture of its past patients, their testimonials and arrange for you to meet with or talk with its patients.

  • Play an active role in your care and treatment decisions.
  • Experience a warm welcome and a sense of relaxation and care.
  • Value a highly qualified and experienced team.
  • Aspire to achieve the finest hair, skin, and cosmetology solutions available.

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1. Is it important to use a moisturizer?

Using a good moisturizer can help to prevent and treat dry skin, it also protects sensitive skin and improves the skin texture. Using a moisturizer daily also improves the skin’s hydrating power and makes your skin healthy and glowing.

You should moisturize your face daily after cleansing and toning. Apply it in the morning right after cleansing, toning it and then before retiring to bed at night. Most people usually feel the need to moisturize the skin only during the winter season, but your skin needs moisturization throughout the year.

Yes, you need to moisturize your skin even if you have oily skin. Moisturizer is very important to improve your skin’s texture and to hydrate your skin. If you have oily skin, you can use an oil-free or a gel moisturizer to avoid greasy and shiny looking skin.

To prevent breakouts you need to keep your skin clean and get rid of all the impurities, dead skin and the extra oil that starts forming on your skin’s surface. Use products recommended by your dermatologist to get rid of break outs. And use a nourishing moisturizer because the anti-acne products can leave your skin dry. You also need to use makeup sparingly and keep your hair and hands away from your face so that you do not block the skin pores, spread the bacteria and irritate the skin.

The best way to deal with sensitive skin is to be gentle with it. Do not use harsh cleanser or any harsh products that might have irritating substances. Always opt for products that suit your skin and products specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

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