Laser Treatment

How do Celebrities manage to look young at their late forties or even in the early fifties? Have you ever wondered how their face looks youthful and flawless every time?

It is the latest anti-aging, rejuvenating and effective laser techniques!


Does the word 'laser' horrify you? Does it raise questions in your mind like, how is my skin going to react? What are the side effects? And so on...


Those were the cons of the traditional techniques used. We at COZMAA use the advanced Laser technology which includes RF, HIFU and more. COZMAA is considered to be one of the best Laser Treatment clinics in Mumbai. The laser technology could be for sagging skin, pigmentation, acne and even skin rejuvenation. Depending on your skin concern and type we suggest the best for you!


We even have advanced laser machines that effectively work on stretch marks, mole and wart removals and hair removal as well. We use the ice-cool laser hair removal technology which keeps your skin cool throughout and even after the hair removal procedure. It gives a feather smooth finishing to your skin at almost no recovery time.


Laser techniques are very safe and have less or zero downtime. Laser beams are passed through the skin to correct the flaws which could be acne, scars, blemishes, wrinkles, etc.. The after-effects would be worth every penny spent and you could show-off your flawless skin!!!


Get to know more about the different types of Laser sessions and packages we have to offer. Contact us now to know more. We are located in Lower Parel and we are considered as one of the best Laser Clinics in Mumbai.


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